We work closely with other non-profit organizations and government agencies in Central Kentucky to make the following available to our Residents: medical and dental care; mental health services including intensive outpatient drug/alcohol rehabilitation and individual therapy; ongoing addiction recovery support; and legal help as needed. After a woman has been at The Well of Lexington for four months, she will receive vocational and educational training applicable to her circumstances. In addition, she will have the opportunity to work part-time for an employer in the community approved by The Well or through any social enterprise The Well may sponsor.

Our History...


The Well of Lexington, Inc., formerly known as Refuge, Inc., was originally formed in 2001 by members of the Church of the Good Shepherd to provide housing and support for people in need in Central Kentucky and specifically refugee families being relocated to Lexington from Africa and the Middle East through Kentucky Refugee Ministries. After 12 years of providing services to families in need, the organization determined that it would dissolve and transfer its assets to another non-profit.  At the same time, a group of volunteers at Good Shepherd felt called to start a program modeled after the successful Thistle Farms® program in Nashville to provide housing, case management and employment for women survivors of sex-trafficking, prostitution, drug addiction and poverty.  With the support of the remaining board members of Refuge, Inc., this group of volunteers formed a new board of directors and renamed the organization The Well of Lexington. 


For the next three years, the board of The Well and many volunteers focused their efforts and resources on the development of financial and community resources to support a two-year residential program for women in its target population.  The Well of Lexington opened its first house in the August of 2016.  Women who enter the program are living in a supportive community for two years.  Working with a licensed professional case manager, they are provided all of the services they need to heal from past trauma, improve their education, and address their physical and emotional health. 

The first year at The Well, under the guidance of professionals, the women attempt to physically and emotionally rebuild. While regaining their strength, they are provided professional support through a life skills coach, social workers, and counselors.  They receive transportation to medical and dental appointments.  They comply with all court ordered appointments. They then focus on the skills that will be necessary to successfully live on their own. Due to a lack of legal work histories the girls face diminished employment opportunities. Therefore, education is a focus area. While some are able to receive a GED with the help of tutors, others have gone on to enroll at the Community College.

The second year at the well continues to focus on strengthening and begins the transition to independent living.

The mission of The Well is to get the women out of the abusive lifestyle for good.  To instill in them the dignity they are entitled to and empower them to be a self- loving, productive member of society. They learn to survive and take pride in their accomplishments. 



Love Heals.

We've seen it happen.


The Well of Lexington is not a licensed drug or alcohol treatment facility or an addiction recovery program, nor are we a half-way house or other transitional housing, homeless shelter or day center. And, while our program is not "faith-based," we are driven by faith in the ability of the human spirit to triumph over tremendous adversity, and by the healing power of love. Whether a resident engages in religious worship is her personal choice. The Well of Lexington will respect whatever that choice may be.

The Well of Lexington is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to helping women live free from sexual exploitation, addiction, and homelessness. We provide a two-year residential program of recovery and renewal for women who have survived sex trafficking or prostitution, and most often also suffer from substance disorder, and want a safe and healing environment in which to rest, recover, and create new and healthier lives for themselves.


Modeled after the Magdalene Program at Thistle Farms® in Nashville, Tennessee, we take a "housing first" approach. Women who enter The Well have a welcoming home and community to live in, free-of-charge, for up to two years while they participate in the Program. During this time, each Resident receives comprehensive professional case management to help her obtain all of the services necessary to begin the process of healing. 


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