Child Care Resources

We will continue to update as we find more resources, keep an eye out and stay strong! #teamKentucky

Kentucky essential workers including grocery store employees, healthcare workers, first responders (law enforcement, EMS, fire department), corrections officers, and DCBS workers can utilize local YMCAs for child care for a daily rate of $50. Contact your local YMCA for more information. 

The Governor also announced that the state is working with federal partners to continue Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) payments on behalf of qualified families during the mandatory closure period.

There are many websites and apps that will allow you to hire a personal babysitter directly and most of them include a background check. The following sites and apps come recommended:
Bambino app
Sitter app

Updated 4/1/20. Please check our Facebook page for the latest information. 

Kids Book on COVID-10 (Click on PDF and print) 

We can help the children by teaching them to hold the finger that represents how they're feeling so they can move through their strong emotions. By by wrapping the finger gently with the fingers of the other hand we can really help calm ourselves. It will work for you too!

Thumb - Turn Worry Into Wonder (and helps with sleep!)
Index - Turn Fear in Calm
Middle - Turn Anger in to Understanding
Ring - Turn Sadness into Smiles
Little - Turn Trying To Be Something into Loving to Be Me

Drawing by Arais Meatyard. Please print these out for your kids, have them color them, and send them to me through Messenger!

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