The Thistle National Network is a growing community of circles across the nation and around the world that believes that, in the end, Love is the most powerful force for change in the world. We create opportunities for healing and empowerment for survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution. We want to change a culture that still allows human beings to be bought and sold. The Network meets a universal call for healing that echoes under bridges, in jail cells, and on the streets of our communities. Survivors of trafficking, prostitution, abuse and addiction share a story that has been universal since the beginning of time. It takes communities to place individuals in these situations, and it takes community to provide healing and empowerment to Survivors. We are this community.

Sister Organizations work towards the following goals so that survivors of trafficking, prostitution, addiction and abuse can sustain healing and empowerment:

1. Unify and amplify the voice of Survivors.

2. Better understand the problems at hand through shared data & experience.

3. Coordinate and facilitate opportunities for Sister Organizations to support one another.

4. Promote quality service to Survivors through the measurement and reporting of common outcomes.

5. Determine and disseminate best practices in service to Survivors by utilizing aggregate data.

Sister Agency of Thistle Farms

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